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Year 7 – 8 resources

Be Firewise for year 7 and 8 is a level three and four fire-safety programme for use within the Science and Health and Physical Education strands of The New Zealand Curriculum.

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It is designed to teach students actions they can take to prevent fires from starting, and to teach them fire-safety behaviour that could save their lives in a fire emergency.

This level 3 and 4 programme recognises that year 7 and 8 students are able to take responsibility for their own actions, and to assume some responsibility for the actions of others.

The resource is designed to be used as teacher directed units and learning experiences, or for students to learn from independently - or any combination of both.

It teaches students about:

  • the nature and dangers of fire
  • essential fire safety behaviour that could save lives in an fire emergency
  • steps they can take to prevent fires from happening.


The year 7 and 8 fire-safety education resource topics include:

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Learning about fire

    • What is fire?
    • How fast does it spread?
    • A firefighter’s story
    • Candles
    • Fireworks
    • Identifying common causes of fire in the home and classroom
    • Spot the potential fire hazard

Preventing fires

    • What is a smoke alarm?
    • Smoke alarms in my home
    • That's the smoke alarm - get out fast
    • How does a smoke alarm work?
    • The get down, get low, get out game
    • Our family's escape plan

What to do in a fire

    • Calling 111 in a fire emergency
    • A fire in our classroom
    • The safe meeting place
    • What to do if someone gets burnt

Firefighter visit

While all of the Firewise programmes are designed for schools to deliver without input from firefighters, it is intended that a presentation from firefighters can be arranged. This must occur at, or near the end, of the learning programme, and serves to reinforce the students' learning. Please note, some locations do not have firefighters available for presentations.

To check the availability and/or arrange for a firefighter or Firewise coordinator to visit your class, please use the form provided
here ».